Dress Regulations

Members and Guests should be aware that standards of dress are required at the Club.

To prevent embarrassment, please ensure your compliance as Members or Guests who are not appropriately attired will be REFUSED ENTRY to the Club.

In keeping with the historic nature of the Newcastle Club, observance of dress code is very important. For the purpose of regulation the organiser of the function will be the person charged with responsibility of ensuring all persons attending their function are aware of the dress code. To avoid any any embarrassment on the day, please be aware any person unsuitably attired will be refused entry to the Club. 

The following dress is NOT PERMITTED at any time in the Club;
  •  No Denim, sweatshirts, shorts, athletic apparel or collarless shirts
  •  No running shoes, sandals or athletic footwear of any kind
  •  Clothing with any slogans or advertising is not permitted

Members’ Dining Room;

Breakfast – Smart casual (as per definition below)

After Breakfast – Jacket & Tie 

Verandah and all other public areas of the Clubhouse;
Smart casual – To avoid any ambiguity ‘smart casual’ DOES NOT include Jeans, denim of ANY colour, cargo pants or tracksuits, polo shirts, collarless shirts, apparel with any advertising messages or slogans. Running shoes, sandals or athletic footwear of any kind is not permitted.

Club Functions & Events;
Each event will specify a dress code and Members are asked to adhere to the code specified.

Tolerance is extended in relation to dress when Members or Guests are arriving or departing directly from our accommodation rooms.

As an overriding principal, it is expected that Members will exercise discretion to ensure they and their Guests are attired appropriately and in keeping with good taste and the proper decorum of the Club.